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Synthetic Putting Greens


Synthetic putting greens have changed the definition of natural aesthetics of personal property in a modern and alluring way. Artificial turfs can be installed on your property for creating that beautiful corner you always aspired to own to practice golf in your own solitude. Synthetic putting greens are just like natural grass, albeit without any of its problems. At Home Green Advantage, we design our artificial putting greens such that they have the character and feel of a professionally created golf course, but everything tailored to meet your budget and landscape requirements.  

Home Green Advantage has installed synthetic putting greens for hundreds of clients. We are experts at what we do and proud of our satisfied client portfolio. Our artificial putting turfs could deceive even professional golfers with their quality, finesse and natural looks. Synthetic greens not only offer you artistic renovation, lesser maintenance costs than natural grass or hiring dedicated caretakers as the grass is artificial and needs no pruning, mowing or watering, but they also represent a stylish way of personal golf entertainment. The installation of synthetic putting greens not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property but also improves its valuation and desirability in the market.

When you have dreamed of having your very own home golf practice area, maybe you have imagined that it had to be grass. Although a grass green looks nice at first, it is very susceptible to damage from the weather, can deteriorate quickly with frequent use, and needs a lot of maintenance. Home Green Advantage has the answer: luxury synthetic putting greens that can give the appearance, play, and character of a grass course without any of the drawbacks. Installing a green like this is simple if you let HGA advise you on how to do it. We can make sure that your golfing area is perfectly laid out and designed to your specifications; it may even enhance the value of your property.

The last few years have seen tremendous development in the field of synthetic turf technology, and we use only the highest quality, premium synthetic fibers. These are made to last for round after round without any deterioration. Color fading will become a thing of the past with one of our synthetic putting greens installed around your home. Despite this toughness, though, a putting green from HGA is made to give you the performance levels you would expect from a traditional putting green of bentgrass. You really can have the feel of a genuine golf course without the need to get in your car and drive to one.

You won't need to worry about mowing the green, watering it, or using any harsh chemicals. There's no need to deal with standing water, either, as it drains away just like it would from a real turf green. Apart from a little leaf blowing in the fall, these synthetic putting greens are almost maintenance free - and that means more time for you to practice! Every aspect of a green is designed to be the best available, from the six-inch compacted stone base to the silica we add - as much as 8 lbs for every square foot - to ensure a perfectly true roll. With intense attention to aesthetic detail on top, you'll be safe in the knowledge that your Home Green Advantage practice area is as good as it gets.





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