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AT HOME MAGAZINE: Swing Spirit — Swinging Good Time.

Spring is here—and if you like to hit the links, we’re sure you’re more than ready to get back onto Fairfield County’s beautiful courses. But what about the days you can’t get away? Not only will a personal golf hole help you perfect your putt, but it can also increase the value of your property. (It might also be the perfect gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, both of which are right around the corner.) Armonk, NY-based company Home Green Advantage has been installing synthetic home greens for over fifteen years in the tri-state area and beyond. Unlike real turf, which requires constant attention and care, synthetic greens are made of nylon and polypropylene and require minimal maintenance. Installation time varies, but greens can take as little as two weeks to install. If golf is your passion, or even just your favorite pastime, why wait to get a piece of your very own course?

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