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Putt Your Way to Better Golf in the Comfort of Your Home

In order to achieve perfection in anything in life, you have to practice. This is also true in all sports including golf. Golf is an easy and very interesting game to play. However, a single put can make the difference between winning and losing that big match. According to a popular golf website GolfStateof, 50% of shots are hit within 4- yards of the hole’. For these reasons, as a golfer, it’s important to spend most of your practice time on short game and improving your ability to put. In most cases, golfers hoping to practice will randomly pull out their electronic putting cup and pull their putts along a wooden floor or a carpet. This is always preferred over to travelling the nearest course. However, this practice is not effective; it will not train the true roll and you will never learn how to putt on hilly lies. You can use artificial turf to create your practice area. This artificial grass feels like real grass but has many advantages over natural grass. One benefit is that artificial lawn is easy to maintain since it doesn’t require watering and so money is saved. This grass is also ever-green and does not need fertilizers and other pesticides. If you are thinking of creating a short game in your backyard, here's a few tips on how to build a unique putting green. 1. Valleys in rough areas add to the short game challenge and also allow practice on side-hill lies. 2. The main reason Amateurs trail the Pros in Lag putting performance is because its one amongst the least practiced areas in the game. Therefore, if you create a great 'Tier’ in your backyard green complex, you will not only learn how putts break as they traverse tier, but also improve your touch distance. 3. Humps help in increasing the green-reading challenge. Finally, HGA can create custom putting greens to work on specific areas, both large and small, or you can do this yourself. If you wish to practice indoors, HGA’s custom putting greens can substitute as fairway turf.

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