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An Easy Golf Swing - Free Lesson

There's a high amount of repetition that you'll be able to do with this swing for a few different reasons. The first is that we'll be keeping exactly or over 60% of our body weight on the front foot when you're doing the backswing. The second is that in this golf lesson for this swing, you'll be setting up the wrists, elbows and shaft to how we should be back at impact. This is known as the setup shape. The Setup Shape We'll be utilizing our shoulders to turn the setup shape to the tip of the backswing when we're holding the shape. The next step is to turn back around with our body, returning the shape back with a good impact. Continue on unwinding all the way to the finish. And there we go, that's a nice solid, straight golf shot that you'll be able to do over and over. As was mentioned previously, this golf lesson's swing has a lot of potential in terms of repetition. The Setup of the Swing and The Arms When you're doing this swing you should setup your wrists and arms as a priority. Do it every time when you're starting your routine, standing behind the ball with your eyes on the target. The next thing to do is to maintain that shape and allow both arms to completely loosen, using that posture as a template for setting up the ball. Use the face of the club as a guide, with your feet moving you to line up your arm setup position toward your chosen target. Your wrists/shaft/arms won't ever change. Sit down once your lined up to balance yourself to a parallel position. Once you're setup, stare at the designated target, picturing the 2 important words for the swing - one backswing, one downswing. The two words I visualize are Spine, Unwind. When I'm doing this I'll be picturing my shoulders rotating against my spine, followed by the unwinding of the body. After this process has been completed, I'll stare at the ball again and I go, completing the visualized process of the two words. Just a fun tip from your friends at HGA! Now go practice, and if you need somewhere to practice give us a call about installing a custom putting green in your yard!

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