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THE JOURNAL NEWS: "Backyard Brilliance"

Westchester County Center - 5th Annual Golf Show Preview

The best place to practice putting is right in your own backyard. At least that is the theory of Michael Lehrer. His company, Home Green Advantage designs and builds personal putting greens, tee boxes, sand traps, or an entire par 3 golf holes in your backyard if you choose. HGA greens will enhance the beauty of any property while providing you the convenience to practice anytime of the day. Installations can be done in as little as 2-3 days and can range from a small green at a modest home to as large as your heart desires on larger estates. A few customers have even chosen to do indoor installations in their homes in basements or recreation rooms. Home Green Advantage has built home putting greens throughout Westchester and Fairfield County for customers that range from ordinary to low handicap golfers and even include some of the areas rich and famous. In addition, HGA does commercial installations and has set up practice areas at many prestigious golf courses. HGA is currently custom-creating a putting greens and chipping areas for the Lower Hudson Golf Show where you can practice your shots. -- HGA has been featured on several TV shows and in all different types of media.

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