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Michael Lehrer is changing the game of golf one high-rolling backyard at a time. Lehrer, who's a certified public accountant, left his 80 hour-a-week number-crunch-ing job in 1996 to create Home Green Advantage, a company that installs natural and synthetic greens for clients ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to former NFL All-Pro Ahmad Rashad. Lehrer, who has been contacted by both Hillary Clinton and Mel Gibson, has installed more than 100 putting greens in the past four years—from backyards and basements to rooftops and office spaces.

Lehrer constructed the slippery 100 foot putting surface for Maximum Golf's May 23 launch party at the Central Park boathouse in New York. The $1 million contest was aced by British Airways executive Woody Harford. So what are Lehrer's plans for the future? "I'd like to float a putting green in the Hudson River," he says, "and throw another Maximum Golf party."— Wendy Straker

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