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Residential Putting Greens

With over 500 installations and growing, there is no limit to the type of golf green Home Green Advantage can install on your property. Providing both indoor and outdoor applications, HGA can offer you a free consultation to evaluate the desired space where you would like to place your practice area.

Contact us to schedule a visit to your home to discuss the options available for designing a putting green of your own.


Owning your own personal putting green affords you the luxury of practicing your short game whenever you desire. If you're a serious golfer, Home Green Advantage can create a custom golf green for you with multiple tee shots in various locations around your property for an added challenge.

You can also add sand traps to enhance the overall aesthetics of your golf green and practice bunker shots from various distances. Apart from offering years of enjoyment for you and your entire family, owning a personal putting green from Home Green Advantage® is an excellent way to help you practice more often and lower your score without having to drive to the golf range. In addition, a beautiful golf green can significantly increase the value of your property.


Superior Turf Technology

Advances in synthetic putting turf technology have made dramatic improvements over the past several years. Our premium synthetic fibers are built to withstand the elements, color fading and continuous practice rounds while simulating the performance of a natural bent grass putting green on your favorite golf course.


Low Maintenance

Owning a golf green couldn't be any easier as they are virtually maintenance-free. There is no watering, mowing or harsh chemicals to add to your putting green - ever! The premium materials used to construct your golf green are designed to drain water naturally, just like real grass. In the fall, just blow the leaves off the putting surface, and you're ready to play.


Custom Design

Unlike other companies, HGA prides itself on creating a custom built golf green that looks and plays like a real golf hole. There are no 'cookie cutter' designs. Each green is designed with your properties natural surroundings in mind. When finished, your putting green will fit perfectly into your properties existing landscape.



Stamford, CT

Stamford, CT

Rye, NY

Rye, NY

Armonk, NY

Armonk, NY

Construction Techniques


HGA’s synthetic turf looks and plays exceptionally well due to our expert installation techniques. A great golf green begins with a great foundation. The sub-base of every green is vital and is the mirror image of the playing surface above it. The base, which is comprised of 6 inches of compacted stone, must be carefully graded and compacted.


On top of the compacted stone, a 1 inch layer of fine stone-dust is added and smoothed out to almost resemble concrete. The compacted rock base and stone-dust are totally porous and drain water exceptionally well. After the levels, contours and undulations of the foundation are tested for a true roll, the cups are installed into the base of the putting area.


Shortly thereafter, the synthetic turf is installed over the foundation, and silica is carefully brushed into the turf. Simultaneously, the fibers are manipulated in order to direct the tips of the turf in a manner that will produce the truest roll possible. Up to 8 lbs. per square foot of silica is added to the turf until the desired level. In addition, up to 1/8 inch of special black and green top dressing is added for aesthetic purposes.


Various types of rollers are then used to flatten the exposed tips of turf, in order to give the golf ball proper playing characteristics. Finally, the holes are cut and the cups are installed. After installation of the putting green is complete, the playing characteristics of the green are given one final test, and if necessary, any fine tuning will be completed and your putting green will be ready for practice.










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