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Putting Greens


As a golfer, you may well be considering having a golf practice area installed at your property. The attractions are obvious: you can work on your putting technique away from distractions, in the privacy of your own home, and without needing to get in the car and drive to your local golf course. However, not all putting greens are the same. At Home Green Advantage, we understand just how important it is to you to have a golf green that looks great and plays just like a natural grass surface. We have the extensive experience that comes with having installed over 500 golf practice areas for our residential customers, so you can trust us to advise you on the very best layout.


Sharpening up your short game is one of the best ways to lower your golf scores, so you'll be giving yourself a great chance by installing a green from HGA. It doesn't matter whether you'd prefer an outdoor facility or an indoor area, we can help with both. And you can take advantage of consultation from our professional, expert staff absolutely free. After assessing your property's layout, we will discuss your options with you, and help you to transform the chosen area into an outstanding putting area. We can even create putting greens that boast multiple tee positions or sand traps for the really serious golfer.


All HGA greens are constructed to extremely high standards, thanks to our insistence on using only the latest and best performing synthetic turf technology. You can relax in the knowledge that your green will be made from the highest quality, premium materials, ensuring maximum drainage efficiency and close to zero maintenance requirements. The HGA difference is that the putting greens we create look like they came off a real golf course - and they play that way, too. Blending perfectly with the landscape around your property, everything about your practice area, from cups to top dressing, will be the best you could wish for. That's what you want. That's what you need. That's Home Green Advantage.




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