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March 2013 Edition, Page 12 

Offering customized putting greens for your home or office.


President and CEO Michael Lehrer founded Home Green Advantage (HGA) in 1995 when he built a putting green in his backyard to practice his short game.  Not long after this, some of his neighbors took notice and began to ask Michael how he had his golf green installed, to which he replied "I installed it myself."  It wasn't long before Michael started installing golf greens for his neighbors and received countless referrals from that point forward.

Now HGA is the leader in personal golf green installations throughout the tri-state area.  Services include custom putting greens for private residences and commercial facilities, as well as promotional events.

Since its inception, HGA has built over 500 customized courses and putting greens, and the list of clients is constantly growing.  Among them are some of the most notable in the business, including CEOs, celebrities and fortune 100 companies... and many more.

Putting greens can be simple or lavish: "You really can do this on a very small piece of land," explains Lehrer.  "The smallest greens have a couple of holes on a 12' x 8' plot of land and will take just a half day to install, typically with the highest-quality nylon fibers, he adds, which is the best for putting and chipping".  But if you're looking for something a bit grander, all you need is a quarter of an acre, and about one for building  and installation.  Starting at 250 square feet, these greens are made of polypropylene and can hold a shot from any distance.  Additional options include sand traps, tee boxes, and even lighting for nighttime usage.  

Home Green Advantage greens are made of the finest quality synthetic materials.  They look and react like real grass and require minimal maintenance.  By creating low maintenance, attractively landscaped, high quality greens, Home Green Advantage has developed a true fan following.  









Here's what a few of our clients are saying about Home Green Advantage, Inc.

"I love that my grass isn't brown all winter long anymore.  I have given your   name to a few associates and will continue to recommend HGA."


J.M. Gricar - Weston, CT



“I put the synthetic lawn in for my dog, but I must say that I enjoy it too.   I can let my dog out, sit back and watch him play around… and know that  I never have to mow the lawn again.  It’s always green and very real looking.   GREAT COMPANY, GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT INVESTMENT!” 


C. Powell - Rye Brook, NY



“I had many questions regarding the installation and benefits of a synthetic  lawn for dogs.  Michael Lehrer had all the answers.  Not only are my dogs    extremely happy with it, but so am I.”


N. Merritt - Stamford, CT



“Before we had the synthetic lawn installed the grass always looked run down  and muddy.  Our dogs are small, but very active.  Now our yard is green all year  long and needs minimal attention.  The dogs love it and I do too.  Thanks HGA!"


C. Rei - Dobbs Ferry, NY



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