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Backyard Putting Greens


At Home Green Advantage, we understand our clients’ requirement before beginning work on their backyard putting greens. We know what our customers look forward to in their own personal putting space and what exactly they desire, which gives us the advantage towards offering them a better service and stunning backyard that becomes the talk of their neighborhood. Golf lovers dream of owning their personal putting green on their property where they can relax and play that perfect afternoon game. It is entirely a different feeling to practice and indulge in golf in peaceful solitude and harmony, and at Home Green Advantage, we know how to provide that feeling to our clients.

We will renovate your property with our specially designed backyard putting greens that could test the skills of experts at differentiating between artificial turf and natural grass. Home Green Advantage will recreate that perfect imagery of a private putting green you always desired in a beautiful manner with multiple tee shots, sandtraps for those added challenges and those tricky smooth curved surfaces. Our inspiration is to provide the luxury of practicing golf their within private backyard for our customers, and our backyard putting green expert designers promise just that - to make your private playing space feel like a real golf course.    

Imagine your perfect putting green. It would be designed just the way you wanted, look beautiful, be hard-wearing, and maybe even contain sand traps to give you that extra challenge. Now imagine a green of this quality installed outside your own home. With Home Green Advantage, you no longer have to leave that to your imagination. We can create a superb backyard putting green that will give you years of enjoyment and help you improve your game without going to the golf range. On top of that, a stunning, professionally designed putting green outside your home can help substantially enhance its value and desirability.

We use only the most advanced synthetic turf technology when designing our customers' practice areas. These fibers are able to simulate the appearance and play of a traditional grass course while remaining free of color fade and weather damage - even when you play round after round in your quest to become the best putter you can possibly be. You won't need to mow or water the green as you would a grass one: apart from removing shed leaves each fall, there is almost no maintenance required. Despite all this, we make sure your greens look and feel like a hole on a real golf course. A green from HGA gives you the best of both worlds.

At HGA, we have already installed more than 500 individually designed greens, providing hundreds of golf enthusiasts with the practice environment they had always dreamed of having. We can also help you to decide on the optimum position for your practice area with our free home visit consultations. We can advise on the various options available, as well as helping you to decide how to make your backyard putting green the talk of your neighborhood. Fill out our contact form today, or get in touch with us by email, and let Home Green Advantage help you start your journey to a luxury home practice experience.





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